Engineering Services

Jr .Software Services Engineer

Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab
Work Type: Full Time

Jr .Software Services Engineer

                                                   Job Description :

The Engineering Services team plays a critical role for our customers’ ability to implement and manage software's provided by Watermark. 

Accurate and robust data allows customers to use the software system as intended; as customer data is a foundational component for systems use.

Software Services Engineers play a pivotal role in our customers’ successful implementation of Watermark supported software by working on customer-facing projects that require developer skills.

 The ES team is often tasked with the successful design, execution and administration of complex customer requests, ranging from automated data loads, complex scripting, and the setup of A/D, SSO & LDAP. 

Software engineers will also employ their superior analytic skills and knowledge to analyse complex customer files before import. 

Finally, engineers in this team will troubleshoot the most critical customer issues and use their high-level technical and communication skills to resolve these issues within the stipulated deadlines

                                                       Key Responsibilities

1.Execute data imports on production and training environments under the specified timeline on Linux and windows environment.

2.Manage uncommon & complex projects and requests, including but not limited to data clean-up, account clean-up, account merge projects, and customer-facing projects.

3.Execute all Single Sign On/LDAP/ SAML projects, including but limited to initial setup and administration, communication with internal teams and external stakeholders during setup, and providing status reports to all


4.Identify impediments in the data files, existing data, and/or the technical procedures and escalate these to the Team Lead and Manager.

5.Communicate at an expert level in English verbally and in writing, daily, and more frequently as needed, with IPCs in US, Support techs, and other internal stakeholders to share critical information, provide updates.

6.Should possess skills such as: core Java, J2EE, SQL, web services, LDAP, SAML, XML, XSLT, XPath, Windward Studios and other integration frameworks for several projects.


Accountable – We rise above our individual circumstances and demonstrate the ownership necessary to achieve desired results. We don’t make excuses for our shortcomings like “I didn’t know”, “that’s not my job”, “No one

told me”, “I didn’t understand”, etc. We practice the four step accountable process of:

(1)    SEE IT.

(2)    OWN IT.

(3)    SOLVE IT.

(4)    DO IT.

Adaptable – We are always open to change so our team can respond quickly to a problem or opportunity. We understand that standing still or protecting the status quo is not a viable option.

 We are willing to jump in and make things happen. We focus on impact, use data, quantitative and qualitative, to make decisions, as close to the issue as possible. 

We understand that with each change there are new opportunities to improve our services AND advance our careers.

Coachable – We are capable of listening, willing to take constructive feedback and make the necessary changes to be more efficient and effective.

Confident – We approach our work with confidence giving our many audiences, internal and external, assurance that our brand and outcomes are worth the investment of their time, 

talent and treasure. We demonstrate our professionalism through our thoughtful work, professional appearance and clear and consistent communication.

 We regularly, formally and informally, communicate our successes and challenges, not only to our teams and supervisors but with our peers as well.

 We “communicate” with others in ways that can be “heard” and we understand the value of closing the loop in conversations. We also know how to apologize when necessary.

Resilient – We are always determined to deliver the very best product/program/service AND reach our goals. We are hard workers. 

We love our work and understand that we must “study our craft” (i.e. keep yourself updated with new technologies, attend learning opportunities provided by the organization, seek out mentors) 

if we are going to maintain the highest customer satisfaction standards and grow professionally within a high performing organization.

Supportive – We recognize that life can throw you a curve ball and some days are tougher than others. We are here to support each other in our team. We believe in teamwork. 

We work hard together, find time to enjoy each other and celebrate accomplishments, especially those where we have triumphed over great challenges and uncertainty.

                                SKILL SETS AND EXPERIENCE

Post-graduate degree ( B.Tech, M. Tech, MCA, related degree)

Basic Qualification/ Technical Skill Set/ Education/ Vocational Training Moderate knowledge of Java,.Net

Proficiency in relational databases/SQL queries

Hands-on experience with Linux/Windows operating systems Experience in Web services, SSO,XML,XPath, Windward studios




Qualifications/ Certifications    SQL Certified

Linux Certified Java Certified

Minimum Experience    


Specific / Relevant Experience    

Any prior experience related to SQL, Java, Linux OS is a plus

Functional    Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Proficient in technical skills as specified above.

Strong ability to multi-task according to set priorities.

Exhibit strong problem-solving, analytic, conceptual, and critical thinking skills.


Be a strong team player.

Demonstrate a commitment to superior customer service.



Manager of Engineering Services    Daily stand ups to monitor the overall progress of the daily tasks, identify impediments in day to day work.

Bi-weekly meeting to discuss the areas of improvement in performance and identify areas of additional training that will enhance the performance.


Customer Support Manger and Product Team Managers    Regular communication via RT ticketing system; video conference or phone meetings on ad hoc basis as needed.


•    Resolve login issues within 4 hours of it being logged by support. Provide off hour/weekend coverage for login issues.

•    Provide accurate effort level and meet ETAs on at least 95% of the total tickets worked upon.

•    Minimum escalations to TL or Manager; at least 80% of the assigned tasks should be completed without any follow ups.

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